In the summer of 2018, Community Church of Greenwood underwent a significant transition. Our senior pastor for the last 12 years, Steve Czajkowski, stepped down to plant a church in Arizona, and we entered into a season of transition as we go through the process together of finding the next person who will lead our congregation.


The elders and staff are continuing to work closely together to see that the ministry of the church moves forward. Jason Gallman is filling the role of Interim Senior Pastor during this transition, and we are grateful for his willingness to take on the extra responsibilities during this time. The ministry of Community Church of Greenwood continues to flourish, and the Holy Spirit continues to guide and direct us as we move forward together.


Our elders and staff leaders are undertaking a deep, thorough examination of Community Church of Greenwood to determine what type of leader would be best for this next season of the church. We have identified a candidate profile that will guide our search and define the type of leader we are looking for.



Personal Leadership
  • Meets New Testament qualifications of an elder (1 Timothy and Titus)
  • Holds degree in biblical studies, pastoral ministry, etc., and is a lifelong learner
  • Committed to God-honoring excellence in all areas of life
  • Understands the importance of rest, boundaries, and a “balanced” life
  • Possesses high degree of self-awareness, solicits personal feedback, and leverages feedback for growth
Congregational Leadership
  • Possesses a passion to proclaim the Gospel in a way that draws all people into a deeper devotion to Christ
  • Committed to biblical, expository preaching
  • Effective communicator and encourager, with strong interpersonal skills
  • Possesses a pastoral heart
  • Meaningful church leadership experience
  • Champion for generosity and stewardship
Executive Leadership
  • Exhibits biblical servant leadership, by embracing a collaborative leadership model rather than a top-down model
  • Demonstrated ability to develop, delegate, support, empower, and serve other staff
  • Willingness to “buy in” to CCG’s current vision while developing influence and insight to help shape it moving forward
  • Capable of articulating vision and keeping a team focused
  • Ability to facilitate strategic planning, and willing to make difficult and timely decisions
  • Understands the need to empower staff to lead and execute plans, without micromanaging staff
  • Demonstrated ability to biblically confront and resolve conflict in a way that strengthens the Kingdom
Kingdom Leadership
  • A commitment to growing discipleship programs, including small groups
  • An eagerness to develop local and global outreach ministry opportunities
  • Commitment and passion for personal and corporate evangelism
  • Personally committed to prayer, God’s word, and the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Models personal and corporate generosity and stewardship


We have also identified a search committee that will work with the elders to find and vet potential candidates. This team of men and women of all different ages and walks of life will help us discern each step in the process going forward. Please continue to pray for our elders, our staff, and our search committee. 

Latest Stage Announcements

September 30, 2018:

September 09, 2018:

August 12, 2018:


The search committee will begin to meet and refine a process for identifying candidates, vetting their fit here based on the candidate profile, and pursuing next steps with any viable candidate.


Pray for the unity of the church.

Pray for our next senior pastor.

Pray for the members of Community Church of Greenwood.

Pray for the ministries, events, groups, and endeavors of the church.

Pray for those who will come here to hear about Jesus in the coming months.

Pray for our witness and reputation in the community.

Pray for our elders and staff.

Pray for the search committee.

Pray for the Czajkowski family in Arizona.


If at any point you have questions, concerns, or thoughts that you want to share, please feel free to contact the elders.