Welcome to Kidnation! We're glad you stopped by. Whether you are the parent of a young infant, preschooler, or an elementary student, we want you and your kids to feel at home with us every Sunday morning. 

We are passionate about helping your kids discover God's Word in a safe, fun, and creative environment. But along with parents, we are also passionate about connecting kids with leaders and mentors that can clearly and consistently speak Truth into their lives.

Kidnation Contact Info

Pastor: Gary DeBoard (gdeboard@ccgonline.org)
Coordinator: Kristen Baynai (kbaynai@ccgonline.org)
Phone: (317) 888-6024
Address: 1477 West Main Street Greenwood, IN 46143

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Weekly Programs

Birth-35mo9:30a & 11:00a on Sundays
Nursery Wing

Babies are all about what they need physically. By meeting their physical needs we help babies and toddlers to know they're safe. While toddlers need that same assurance, they are also becoming blossoming explorers. With that knowledge, we develop healthy environments for babies and toddlers to thrive while at the same time helping mom and dad know that their little ones will be okay while they are in service.
How it works: Our nurseries are categorized mostly by physical ability. For instance we have Non-Crawlers (infants), Crawlers, New Walkers, Steady Walkers, and Toddlers (25mo-35mo). To graduate from our toddler room to Pre/K, your little ones must be 36mo and potty trained.

Pre/K | 9:30a & 11:00a on Sundays
The Park/Kindergarten

In this phase, the wonder of a child is most clearly evident. The simplest thing can cause amazement and a flood of "why" questions. Preschooler's imagination is off the chart. Often what they imagine is as real as what they know. They want to be affirmed and know if what they are doing is okay. Our Park environments reflects that imagination.
How it works: 9:30- All Pre/K is together in the Park during this service. Kids meet together and rotate through both worship music and a lesson video. 11:00- Younger Preschool, Older Preschool, and Kindergarten all have individual rooms during this service. The schedule is identical to the 9:30 service.

1st-4th Grades 9:30a & 11:00a on Sundays
Kids Corner

At the heart of every elementary aged kid is a desire to laugh, to be seen, and an ever developing need to be independent. Every phase of being a child is one not to be missed, but the elementary years are downright fun. Equipped with this knowledge, we develop and adapt environments that reflect these basic needs and realities for elementary aged kids. We love this age and think it's the very heart of our ministry to kids and parents.
How it works: 9:30- 1st-3rd meets in the Kids Corner. Kids have times of fun intentional hang out, worship, and Gospel centered teaching. 4th-5th meets in 5th space where kids interact with each other through games and hear Gospel centered teaching. 11:00- 1st-4th meets as a large group in the Kids Corner where they have intentional hang out time. They are then broken into their individual grade groups and hear a Gospel centered message. 1st-4th is then brought back together for large group time and pickup.

5th Grade9:30a & 11:00a on Sundays
5th Space

To a 5th grader, the world of the teenager is not far ahead. Here friendships and other relationships become a key part of their life. In some ways, the fade to the next phase is a slow, confusing one and in others ways is unexpectedly fast. While they still are concrete thinkers, their questions become more difficult and weighty. Open forums and good discussions are key. Armed with this understanding, we work to make our environments most helpful for these kids. We also work hard to make the transition from 5th to 6th a slow and easy one.
How it works: 9:30- 4th and 5th grades are together in the 5th space for hangout and the lesson. 11:00- 5th graders meet separately and follow the same schedule as the 9:30a service.


SpringHill | Summer 2019
June 24 - 28

SpringHill is coming to Community Church! We're so excited about this week-long day camp! It's an experience you won't want your kids to miss.
When: Monday, June 24 - Friday, June 28
Where: CCG/GP
What: Daytime programming filled with gospel messages, large and small group times, rock walls, giant swings, bungie trampolines and water slides! Even Tie Dye! 
Who: Incoming 1st-5th grades (current K-4th grades)
How much: $189 until Feb. 28; $199 until April 30; $219 after May 1
Contact: Kristen Baynai (kbaynai@ccgonline.org)

5th Grade Transition | February - May
11a on Select Sundays

As part of an intentional partnership with our Student Ministry, we map out a schedule of Sunday morning events that combine 5th grade with a part of our Middle School programming on select Sundays from February to May. We do this to ease the transition from 5th to 6th grade.
When: February-May
Where: CCG and/or GP
Who: 5th grade
More: These events are often very relaxed and in small doses.
Contact: Email Gary DeBoard or TJ Knowland for more info