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Easter Unfiltered

It the dead are not raised, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.” 1 Corinthians 15:32

What happened inside the tomb matters. 

More is at stake at Easter than any other day in the history of the world. There’s not a close second. If Jesus did really rise from the dead, then you and I ought to get busy following him. He’s the Son of God, after all, with the authority to do whatever he wants to do. 

If it’s a made up story, it’s a brilliant hoax that has duped billions of people over the years. You and I had better start living it up now, because there’s not much time left for us and there won’t be much to do beyond the grave. Eat, drink, and be merry (at least with just a few people at least six feet apart) because tomorrow you’ll die. All this stuff about sin and the cross, let’s be done with that, too. Maybe Jesus’s teaching make us think a little bit more about helping the poor and loving your neighbor, but there’s really not much too new here, just some weird symbolism.

Let’s think about those options for a minute. Follow Jesus. Reject Jesus. 

Here’s the problem. Most of the time, most people sit on the fence. Most people live in the middle.

Sure, some are hard-core atheists who tend to think that people who believe that a dead man can rise from the dead have lost their sense of reason. However nice they might be, however much they might care about the poor, however much they care about how people behave. . . well, they’re just wrong and can’t be trusted with much.

If that’s how you really feel about Jesus, you’re probably not reading this! If it is, let’s chat!

Some people are all in. They really believe that nothing is more important than their relationship with Jesus. They believe that John 3:16 is actually true and not just something to put on a sign or a banner. They actually believe that sin is a big deal and separates them from God. They actually believe that they need to be saved and they need to be saved from something. They actually believe that the only rational response to God’s love for us is to love him back and demonstrate that love by loving others—especially those who are hardest to love. They actually believe that God, even though He knows everything and can do whatever He wants—hears our prayers and works through our prayers. They actually believe that this life now matters AND that this life is also preparation for the life that is to come. They also don’t get too bent out of shape when tough things happen or great things happen because they know that if God is for them, then it doesn’t really matter who or what is against them. 

Maybe I’m wrong. But that’s not most people. Most people are indifferent about Jesus most of the time. Most people haven’t taken the time to really figure out what they believe about Him. Most people spend far more time rooting for their favorite team than praying for their local church, more time worrying about their investments than sharing their faith, and more time watching Netflix than reading their Bible.

Sometimes I’m like most people. What about you?

Easter is true. The tomb was empty! He has risen! Live like it!

Don’t be like most people!

For Reflection

What do you really believe happened inside the tomb? How does your life reflect what you believe?

Prayer Starter

Father, forgive me for my indifference. Holy Spirit, keep me from settling. Jesus, lead me in the life that is truly life.

For More

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